I've just finished the BU Law School interview, and I did hope it's the last one.
The first was from Northwetern and more formal than BU.
NW asked me questions according to my CV, the questions were mostly directed to my working experiences and volunteer works. They even asked me about my opinions for capital punishment....

Frankly speaking, I was nervous when I interviewd with NW, 'cause......I mistook the schedule!! I thought they would call me on 24th Jan, nevertheless the correct date was 23th . Well, It was a relieve that I did prepare in advance.

It was the director of BU LLM program who interviewed me. The guy was nice, and told me not to be nervous. The interview was just like a ordinary conversation (but of course with some topics more seriously.)

Here are the questions he asked me:

Q: tell me about your interests in law?

Q: How do you know Boston? Do you know people who have studied here?
what's their name? what do they say about BU?
Q: will you take bar exam in us? why?

Q: what's your career goal? Do you want to work in Taiwan? China? why?

(maybe 'cause I talked about the job opportunities in china, he started to ask me if I've been to Shanghai. if I have friends there...)

Q: Have you ever been to Boston? How do you know about this city?

(then I told him I've been there in 1999, visited Harvard and MIT, but not BU. He started to tell me the location of BU and Charles river, and described the scenery there...)

Q: how do you evaluate your English skill in speaking, writing, listensing and reading?

(and he started to told me the importance of writing skill, and encourage me to attend their summer legal English classes..)

Q: how is your master thesis? what's the topic? do you check many US law cases?

Q: Do you have any questions to ask me?

I also told him my fiance also applied for BU, he asked me about his background...then he said: " you two must want to be together!!"


In the ending, he said he will send me a list of Taiwanese students in BU who I can counsult if I have any questions.

That's the end of the interview...
GOD no more interview, please....


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